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Susanne Reece is a writer and illustrator who makes comics, comics poetry, and visual essays.

She holds an MFA in Visual Narrative and teaches creative writing and comics poetry courses online through New York's School of Visual Arts continuing education department and she teaches the first semester foundational text and image course in SVA's MFA Visual Narrative program. 

Originally from Texas, she spent many years living in and around New York City. She is now based in Philadelphia.

Contact her by email at susannereece at susannereece dot com.

Image of Instagram icon that links to at susanne m reece
image of the artist reading a book with handlettered text as follows: SUSANNE REECE is a writer, illustrator, and visual essayist. She has always found the real world, its people and other creatures who live in it, endlessly fascinating, stranger, and more wonderful than fiction. Maybe this is why she loves history, literature, languages, art history, and natural history. Maybe this is why the stories she tells are grounded in the lives people have lived, the words they wrote, and the images they made. Maybe this is why she has always been drawn to cities, where so many people and stories live, and why she chose NEW YORK as the place to live out her own. Write to her at susanne at susannereece dot com.
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