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As part of the "A City of Ladies" project, 6 women were invited to contribute a panel with the names of their chosen and creative mothers for a small handprinted and hardbound book. Only 7 copies were made--an artist's proof and one book for each contributor.


If you'd like to make your own panel and contribute to a virtual version of the book on Instagram, just scroll down for the template. You can save it to your phone or laptop and fill it in with the names of women who have inspired you with the drawing app of your choice (you may be able to use your smartphone's photo app) or download and print a PDF version, fill it in with dark ink, and take a picture of it. 

Add it to the virtual book on Instagram by posting and tagging your panel: #acityofladies

Invite your friends. The more people who contribute, the bigger the book becomes.


The Book

City of Ladies Book cover.jpeg
City of Ladies book title.jpeg
City of Ladies Book 2-3.jpeg
City of Ladies unfolded.jpeg
City of Ladies Books.jpeg
City of Ladies 4-5.jpeg
City of Ladies book_last panel.jpeg


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